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Wooden Tag

Wooden Tag

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Choose the style, and list the desired text in the Notes section at checkout. Pick a nickname, a title (like Boss, BFF, Winner, Queen, Brother, etc), or even your dog's name (because they're family too!). Get creative!

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Approximately 3" long x 2" wide wooden tag with wooden bead and twine lanyard.

So many wonderful ways to use our eco friendly wooden tag! Saying "thank you" will be more meaningful AND last longer than a throw away card. Great as reusable gift tags for your children's birthday every year. Hang it on your bedroom door knob, or the car rear view mirror. Perfect for decor that doesn't go out of style! What other applications can you think of?  


  • the Dad - dark stain with wood text
  • the Mom - white wash with black painted text
  • the Gabriela - golden stain with black vinyl text
  • the Oliver - dark stain with white vinyl text
  • the Josi - natural wood with black painted text






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